Top Load

With this production line, pre-packaged products can be inserted into folding boxes. In contrast to the end load line, even difficult products such as shrimps in PE bags or various types of product such as a burger and a sachet (marinade, mustard, ketchup, etc) can be inserted. With the end load procedure, these items could obstruct one another.


With this line, we are able to fill trays or similar containers with products and seal them with grip protective film before putting them into a folding box.  In the sealer, the open flaps are folded down and glued. The closed folding boxes are coded and checked for metal and weight.


Bundling with shrink film or packing into cartons can be selected for final packaging.




Format areas


• (LxBxH) min. 100x85x25mm / max. 320x250x80mm




• Also suitable for more complicated products or configuration of products

• Larger format area




• Every folding box requires an extra erecting tool (high initial investment and delivery


• Line speed lower than with end load



• Folding Boxes